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4 Ways Data Is Improving Healthcare Operations

By : on : June 12, 2017 comments : (0)

4 Ways Data is Improving Healthcare Operations

Learn four ways healthcare providers are finding meaningful insights and achieving operational excellence with data. Monitoring, measuring, and analyzing data to improve patient safety, care quality, operational costs, and compliance can be easier than you think. Read this paper to learn more about how to combine disparate data sources, increase productivity with real-time data, and automate ad hoc reporting.

Understanding MIPS: Advancing Care Information (ACI)

Advancing Care Information (ACI), which replaces the Meaningful Use program is one of four components CMS will use to make payment adjustments under MIPS. ACI looks at EHR use as it relates to patient engagement and healthcare quality and is 25% of your MIPS score for 2017. Download this infographic to learn more about ACI and an overview on scoring.

What Constitutes Effective Security Awareness Training

Employees are a critical part of an organization’s defense against many IT security threats. Just as having the correct technology solutions is important, training personnel to recognize security threats is a critical part of any security strategy. As part of that strategy, organizations must consider both the content and the training methods. Training that does not engage employees or provide for continuous learning and reinforcement is not sufficient to truly make employees more security aware.

Case Study: When Health is at Stake: Disaster Recovery for Epic

The Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic (YVFWC) re-architected their electronic health records system in 2014. The team deployed Epic to handle medical records and behavioral health. The system is significant because it is the application that supports all business and medical operations. If Epic were unavailable, the delivery of health services would be near impossible. As YVFWC have experience with data center outages, they knew they needed the best solution for disaster recovery for Epic.



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